Can A Company Offer Guaranteed SEO Services?

Can a Company Offer Guaranteed SEO Services

Can a Company Offer Guaranteed SEO Services?


Well, you have seen a lot of emails in your business emails of companies offering guaranteed SEO services. But in nature, we have turned into a very busy society. We have, therefore, left ourselves and our businesses very exposed. We do not take any time to do any research on the companies that come flashing to us very sweet deals. Funny that some of these firms do not have even a personalized domain name. The truth is that no company can guarantee you of SEO services. It is, however, funny that eighty percent of SEO companies promise customers guaranteed SEO services. Research has however shown that the twenty percent that do not promise any guarantees perform better. The nature of the SEO field is very unpredictable for any company to be bragging of how they can provide results overnight.


Reasons you cannot offer guaranteed SEO services


First you need to know that even the top search engines caution customers to be aware of SEO companies that promise guarantee services. These companies claim to have special relationships or a priority to submit to search engines. Such claims are not true. In fact, it is very easy to submit to a search engine even personally. There is no special treatment what so ever. You can freely submit to a search engine via the Add URL or by just submitting a Sitemap. If you commit yourself to knowing about SEO, you will understand that anyone that offers any guaranteed SEO services is a fake.


Another thing that is important is that all search engines have unique criteria that they use to rank SEOs. They always make known some of the criteria and leave the rest to the customers. It is, therefore, a lie when an SEO company tells you that they got a formula to rank your SEO. However, SEO companies do a lot of research to know what would rank an SEO search. They, however, do not have any power to rank SEOs and should thus not promise guaranteed SEO services.


SEO companies do not own Search Engines


This is enough reason they should not promise guaranteed SEO services. No SEO company is assured of a better treatment than the other. The ranking criteria are same for all businesses. The best a company can do is do a lot of research to know and understand what would make a search rank easily. These factors, however, keep on changing.